A UK Olympic Summer Month

A UK Olympic Summer Month: Planning
A month of Olympics, Guinness, Scotch, and Swedish Meatballs!

This summer I’m off to my annual family vacation in Italy, but adventure is near! As the Olympics are in London this year, I will use London as my base city and take the chance to explore Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and then Sweden after my Italy trip.

Too bad most of those areas are within the realm of the United Kingdom and won’t count towards my country traveled count, but Ireland and Sweden will! Didn’t Braveheart win the country’s freedom at the end of the movie?

Itinerary July 16 – August 16

Leaving from Beijing, China
UK – London
Ireland: Dublin, Galway
UK – Northern Ireland: Belfast
UK- Scotland: Edinburgh, Glasgow
UK – London
Italy – Sardinia
UK – London: Olympic games yah!
Sweden – Stockholm
UK – London
Then back to Beijing!

I’m pretty sure I will be well exhausted by the end of this crazy month. This trip within budget is made possible by booking early with cheap airlines Ryanair and Easyjet! I’m ecstatic for this upcoming Olympic summer speed-tourism month!

Follow along for the updates!

“Hamish: I could crush you, like a waa-ruum.
William Wallace: You could?
Hamish: Aye.
William Wallace: Well, then do it.”

– Braveheart


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