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A Walkabout Horsham Castle

A UK Olympic Summer Month: Day 27
A day with friends and family around Horsham Castle and a night out in Londontown.

Sleeping in and recovering from the crazy party the night before, we eventually got up for a brunch with our friends Kevin, Jelena, Arash and Martina who drove up from Belgium. They stayed at a nearby hotel and came for brunch before heading back home.

It was a beautiful day and we sat outside scoffing down scones while still somewhat in character from the night before.

Cheerio! Pass the scones and clotted cream what what!

Horsham Castle

After they left, I went for a walk with my family around the property. We explored the gardens leading to a random tower in the woods.

Horsham Castle Front
Just strolling around my castle. NBD.
Horsham Castle 2
Horsham Castle Lawn
One might say, an Englishman is judged by how well manicured his lawn is…
Horsham Garden Tower
My brother Sean and I had sentry duty looking out for the pesky invaders!
Mom and Aunt
My dearest mother and aunt having fun.

Then we walked around the lake, where I picked and ate wild raspberries. I marveled at the tranquility of the area as we were really tucked away from all civilization and surrounded by farmland.

Later that day, I headed into town with my sister and cousin Amy for some drinks and merriment.


We took a train into Victoria Station and then metro to Embankment where Tattershall Castle was waiting for us. To my dismay, this was not an actual castle, but a boat/restaurant/bar.

We met up with Amy’s friends from uni who were already there having a pint. The location provided for some nice views over the Thames River and Westminister. Once the sun set, the London Eye lit up in a multicolored display for the Olympics.

London Eye
Watch out, the London Eye is about to rave and get sexy.

After some pretty decent BBQ and a few drinks, we headed downstairs into the belly of the boat, which was a bit warmer. This was a quiet sit down area, so after warming up a bit, we decided to party it up.

Amy’s friends took us to Opal, a club across the street, which was quite packed. We got a table and the drinks were flowing. We enjoyed yelling in each others ears as the Olympics played on multiple TVs overhead. There were quite a few clubbers wearing flags and showing British pride.

Later we headed down to the dance floor where we met more of their friends. The lower dance floor had that stale smell of vomit and beer which made me a bit nauseous. So I stopped dancing to survey the crowd of the club which actually made me even more nauseous. Wasn’t there even one decent looking female in the whole establishment? Apparently not.

Danced till our feet hurt and headed home by train. Good times London see you tomorrow 🙂


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