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World-Adventurer.com is my journey to every country in the world with a focus on adventure and luxurious destinations.

The website was created as a way to share my stories with family and friends. As readership grew, my writing evolved to a more structured format to best deliver the experience. Articles were categorized into Adventures and Hotel Experiences.

The Adventures are the travel experiences on the mission to visit every country.

The Hotel Experiences are reviews of the amazing properties I’ve encountered around the world.

My goal has led me to meet inspiring people, discover extraordinary places, experience life changing events, eat exotic foods, and stay in stunning properties. In the last three years, I almost died climbing Kilimanjaro, felt like a spy in North Korea, missed an ISIS attack by a day in Lebanon, saw a man get shot in Panama, and much more.

I’ve stayed in some of the best properties around the world, like Suryagarh in India and the Kempinski Dead Sea in Jordan.

And I’m just over half way done with the world!

I invite you to join me on my journey to 196 countries so we can discover the world together!

I’ll see you there,