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At Least You Can Lock the Door from the Inside at Cabinas El Paso

Coast of Riches: A Journey Through Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama My experience at Cabinas El Paso, the random motel we found when trying to cross the Panama border at night!


  • Um… There’s a bed.
  • You can lock the door.
  • If you only want to take a nap, you can pay per hour.


Getting stuck in the border town of Paso Canoas, we eventually found this pay per hour motel that had two available beds. It was difficult to sleep or relax in the area and we spent as little time as possible.

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Wasn't as threatening during the day time.
Wasn’t as threatening during the day time.
Hallway to the rooms.
Hallway to the rooms.


Located two blocks from the Panama border, this motel serves mostly local transient clientele.


Fortunately this room had two beds. We didn’t question why one was a child size bed and the other a double. The room featured a television, an air-conditioning unit outfitted with jackhammer sound effects, and a bathroom.

The toilet and sink were functional. The shower was untested.

Get into the sheets?
Get into the sheets?
The TV and noisy AC unit.
The TV and noisy AC unit.
The bathroom and shower.
The bathroom and shower.


Surprisingly coherent service for a late check-in by a seemingly inebriated individual. He let us in, showed us the room and performed a quick calculation for our requested eight hour room usage which came out to $20.


Sleeping, going to the karaoke bar next door, or wandering the streets which I’d highly advise against.


If you are stuck with no place to stay in the border zone between Costa Rica and Panama, Cabinas El Paso is not a bad place to lock yourself in for the night.


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