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Experience: The George Hotel, Kiribati

When landing at Kiribati’s international airport located on a long beach, one may wonder where they would sleep. Though the entire island seems like an empty stretch of beach, Tarawa actually houses half of the country’s population. This means visitors have the option to stay at modern hotels like The George Hotel. On my Pacifying … Continue reading Experience: The George Hotel, Kiribati

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Exploring the sights of Tarawa, Kiribati, country 173 on the Pacifying the Pacific adventure. Journey Coming from Samoa, I had a layover in Nadi before my flight to Tarawa, Kiribati. I found the country was also pronounced “keer-ə-bahss”. Previously a British territory, it gained independence in 1979 so most people speak English well. From the … Continue reading Kiribati

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Pacifying the Pacific

Pacifying the Pacific: An island hopping tour covering 14 new countries! The pacific currently isn’t particularly in turmoil so it doesn’t need to be pacified, but my urge to travel there does. Thus the name of my new trip: Pacifying the Pacific (urge). I’m including East Timor which is technically Asia, but for its proximity … Continue reading Pacifying the Pacific