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Espiritu Santo WWII Tour

Espiritu Santo was an important base of operations during WWII. The Allies used the island as a support and supply base. Santo eventually became the second largest US base in the Pacific with 40,000 troops stationed there. They had airbases, repair facilities and a naval harbor. Today reminders of the war are scattered throughout the … Continue reading Espiritu Santo WWII Tour


Experience: Sunrise Beach Cabanas, Vanuatu

Vanuatu visitors flock to Espiritu Santo, the large northern island famous for its pristine beaches, minimal crowds, and laid back atmosphere. A parallel to this paradise environment is a small hidden resort, Sunrise Beach Cabanas. The owners, Clare and Michael originally from Hawaii, fell in love with the country’s culture and beauty. With a background … Continue reading Experience: Sunrise Beach Cabanas, Vanuatu


Experience: Breakas Beach Resort, Vanuatu

Imagine a beach where you can get married then go surfing. This is what Breakas Beach Resort offers guests in Vanuatu. Located on one of the beaches of the capital city of Port Vila, this resort combines a natural setting with the convenience of easy access. Arriving in the international airport I was greeted by … Continue reading Experience: Breakas Beach Resort, Vanuatu


Top Five Countries of 2016

It’s that time of the year again! A time to look back and reflect on our experiences. In 2016 I visited 21 new countries mostly in the Pacific and Central Asia. This is due to the fact that as I am reaching my last ten countries, they are becoming increasingly difficult to visit for various … Continue reading Top Five Countries of 2016

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Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

Exploring WWII ruins, wandering cities, diving shipwrecks, visiting pristine beaches and snorkeling reefs in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu on the trip, Pacifying the Pacific. Solomon Islands Leaving Papua New Guinea, I was on a Air Niugini flight to Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands. The landing was so hard we bounced a bit. … Continue reading Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

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Pacifying the Pacific

Pacifying the Pacific: An island hopping tour covering 14 new countries! The pacific currently isn’t particularly in turmoil so it doesn’t need to be pacified, but my urge to travel there does. Thus the name of my new trip: Pacifying the Pacific (urge). I’m including East Timor which is technically Asia, but for its proximity … Continue reading Pacifying the Pacific