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Top Ten Hotels of 2015

A review of my top ten hotels experienced in 2015! Click on the available link for the review! Hotels sometimes can make or ruin an experience in a new country. Along with my 2015 favorite new countries, I also had some incredible hotel stays that I will remember for years to come. Here is my … Continue reading Top Ten Hotels of 2015

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Djibouti the Strategic State

Visiting Djibouti, the first African country on the Horn of Africa Tour and discovering its unknown natural beauty and strategic importance. Stepping out of the plane in Djibouti the first thing I noticed was the extreme heat and humidity. Sweat almost immediately started forming on my brow. Entering the airport is the immigration check. Chris … Continue reading Djibouti the Strategic State

Horn of Africa Tour

Horn of Africa Tour

Planning a very last minute trip to the Horn of Africa to visit Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, and South Sudan. After an intense summer in Italy, Malta, and Iceland, I had a brief week back in the US before deciding on taking a last minute journey. My friend Chris will partially joining me for … Continue reading Horn of Africa Tour