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Peaceful Iraq Egypt Revisited

Time to tackle country 189, Iraq. Though this sounds daunting, Iraq has a little secret called Kurdistan. Like Somaliland in Somolia, Kurdistan is a self governed state within a state. Internationally it is recognized as a part of Iraq but for all intents and purposes it is a separate country. As much as I’d like … Continue reading Peaceful Iraq Egypt Revisited

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The Great Pyramids of Egypt on a Layover

Visiting the Great Pyramids of Egypt on a layover on the South of Africa Tour. With a long layover in Cairo there is an opportunity to visit the ancient world wonder, the Great Pyramids of Egypt. If you have at least 6 hours before your next flight, it’s technically possible to quickly make the visit. … Continue reading The Great Pyramids of Egypt on a Layover

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The South of Africa Tour

A rough itinerary of The South of Africa Tour! To start off the new year I’m headed to the south of Africa on a trip that will cover 13 new countries bringing the country count to 119. I had booked a one way ticket, well in advance, to celebrate a great friends’ wedding in Cape … Continue reading The South of Africa Tour