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Speke Hotel Reception

Experience: Speke Hotel, Kampala

A review of the Speke Hotel in Kampala, Uganda on the trip The Great Eastern Summer. Highlights Multicultural restaurants and bars. Daily entertainment at its venues. Central location close to shopping and city sports. Largest dance floor in Kampala. Experience Built in the 1920s in memory of the explorer John Hanning Speke, who discovered the … Continue reading Experience: Speke Hotel, Kampala

Kampala City Traffic

Prostitutes and Torture Chambers in Kampala, Uganda

Continuing from Rwanda on the Africa segment of The Great Eastern Summer, we arrive in Kampala, Uganda where we encounter prostitutes, visit churches and mosques and explore the torture chambers of Idi Amin. On the following day we stop by Lake Victoria before leaving from Entebbe. After a depressing visit of Rwanda, Bill and I … Continue reading Prostitutes and Torture Chambers in Kampala, Uganda

Great Eastern Summer

The Great Eastern Summer

An itinerary and planning for “The Great Eastern Summer”, a trip of a lifetime, across three continents and over thirty countries. With three months open for travel my friend Bill and I were set to do some serious exploring. We would start in Africa, go on safari and climb Mount Kilimanjaro, then venture into the … Continue reading The Great Eastern Summer