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Winter Wonderland

I’m back on the road, destination Norway! November will be a cold time to travel to Scandinavia, but country 186 is waiting! I’m expecting plenty of snow and low temperatures, hence the trip name Winter Wonderland. Reaching Norway means I will be on my last 10 countries. I’m really excited and so grateful to share … Continue reading Winter Wonderland

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Experience: Excelsior Hotel Gallia, Milan, Italy

A review of the Excelsior Hotel Gallia in Milan, Italy the trip Horn of Africa Tour. Highlights Opulent rooms and luxury branded decor Central location next to the train station and business district. Fine cuisine and elegant bars. Unique high-end spa facilities. Background The Excelsior Hotel Gallia officially opened its doors in February 1932 when … Continue reading Experience: Excelsior Hotel Gallia, Milan, Italy

Greater Eastern

The Greater Eastern

Planning and setting out on The Greater Eastern trip! With one country that I failed to visit on the Great Eastern Summer, I had to come back and check it off the list. Oh, Belarus. Country 104. The one country in Eastern Europe that I needed a visa for and even from the neighboring capitals, … Continue reading The Greater Eastern

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Experience: AC Hotel Pisa

A review of the AC Hotel Pisa during the trip The Greater Eastern. Highlights Central location in business district and next to Lenox Square Mall and Phipps Plaza. Professional and efficient service. Modern business oriented rooms with great views. Environmentally focused hotel. Experience One of Italy’s top tourist destinations primarily due to the quirky leaning … Continue reading Experience: AC Hotel Pisa

Photos for use by Caʻ Sagredo Hotel and Lorenza Lain

Experience: The Ca’Sagredo, Venice

A review of the Ca’Sagredo in Venice, Italy on the trip The Great Eastern Summer. Highlights Stay in a National Monument. Opulent rooms with canal views. Exquisit saloons and restaurant spaces. Museums located within the hotel. Experience The Ca’Sagredo has had several nominations such as the Condè Nast Traveler Reader’s Choice Award: “ranked 19th among … Continue reading Experience: The Ca’Sagredo, Venice

Great Eastern Summer

The Great Eastern Summer

An itinerary and planning for “The Great Eastern Summer”, a trip of a lifetime, across three continents and over thirty countries. With three months open for travel my friend Bill and I were set to do some serious exploring. We would start in Africa, go on safari and climb Mount Kilimanjaro, then venture into the … Continue reading The Great Eastern Summer


Summary of My Summer in Sardinia

A UK Olympic Summer Month: Day 11-25 Living it up with two weeks of relaxation in Sardinia! Almost every year my family comes together to spend our summer in Sardinia. This year was no different, for bonding among family and friends and of course relaxation on pristine beaches! Throughout the time there our friends and … Continue reading Summary of My Summer in Sardinia


A UK Olympic Summer Month

A UK Olympic Summer Month: Planning A month of Olympics, Guinness, Scotch, and Swedish Meatballs! This summer I’m off to my annual family vacation in Italy, but adventure is near! As the Olympics are in London this year, I will use London as my base city and take the chance to explore Ireland, Northern Ireland, … Continue reading A UK Olympic Summer Month