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Experience: Hotel Robert Reimers, Marshall Islands

A review of Hotel Robert Reimers in Majuro, the Marshall Islands, on the trip Pacifying the Pacific.


  • Great local atmosphere.
  • Popular restaurant and bar area.
  • Excellent central location.
  • Family owned with long history in the area.


Hotel Robert Reimers is a landmark in Majuro. The family owned company has deep roots serving the community of the Marshall Islands. The family owned hotel has a proud Marshallese feel. Located right in the center of town, everything is easily within reach and mostly by foot. The airport is a short drive away as well and parking is free if you didn’t opt to organize the airport pick up. I was excited to experience the atmosphere of the property!


I stayed in a two bedroom room in the main building. It had a single bed and a queen bed with a private bathroom. There was a lounge area with a couch and television as well as a kitchen and a small dining table. It was very spacious and had easy access to the restaurant.

Of course all the modern amenities were available such as coffee making, a fridge, air conditioning, room service and telephone. Unfortunately internet was pay per use, but an acceptable speed considering the island location. There was also laundry service or a coin-operated machine available.

For a more romantic and vacation feel, the hotel also has several bungalows in the garden facing the sea. The Garden View and Bungalow Suite are by far the best options for tourists. The Efficiency Rooms and Lanai Rooms are more economical but very comfortable.

The Tide Table Restaurant is known throughout the town as the place to gather for dinner or over a few drinks while watching the sunset from their outdoor cabana.

The made to order breakfast was very tasty and the fresh local fish is highly recommended for lunch and dinner. With a great atmosphere, I’d recommend stopping here even if you aren’t staying in the hotel.

Tide Table bar is in the restaurant but also a stand alone bar where visitors can join for a drink while waiting for a table. Meet the locals and tourists alike while you have a drink here.

One of the highlights of the hotel is its prime location in the center of town near shops, government buildings, markets and banks. Stop by the water plant for a locally made pandanus drink!

There are plenty of activities to keep you busy on the island such as visiting Eneko Island which is also run by the Reimers family. This was my favorite paradise getaway near Majuro which offers white sandy beaches, clear waters, plenty of fish and colorful reefs. Snorkeling and sunbathing is a must!

Fishing trips can be organized to catch prized marlin or take a tour of the capital.

Business travelers will also find the property to suit their needs. A business lounge with internet and fax is available. The classy Kibedrikdrik Room offers a private meeting space for up to 14 guests.

Service by the knowledgeable staff was warm and friendly. Guests can easily feel at home in this family run property.

Hotel Robert Reimers is clearly a fine choice for any visit to Majuro. The atmosphere, service with local knowledge, comfortable rooms, and fun activities make it one of the best in town.

Hotel Robert Reimers
Telephone: + 692 625 5232


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