Featured in Metrostyle Magazine November 2012 Edition

Metrostyle Magazine November 2012 Edition

Once again my blog was featured in Metrostyle’s Travel Special section. In this edition my recent trip to Malaysia was the focus.

Metrostyle November 2012 Edition Travel Special
Travel Special once again… I may have a full feature next month 🙂

What is more amazing is that I also made it onto the cover! They were doing a special on singles since in China, November has a special holiday for singles (11/11 get it?). It is mostly a revenue-generating commercial holiday as far as I can tell and it seems to be working like a charm. Anyway, as I happened to be single, the editor asked me to answer some questions for their article. I was happy to contribute and then was very surprised to find that this was the cover story with my costumed picture featured on the front!

Metrostyle November 2012 Cover
Does this mean I can now consider myself a cover model? … What’s your occupation? My answer from now on: COVER MODEL!

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  • Damn, very cool. Congratulations!

    • David De Clercq

      Thanks 🙂