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Why I’m Changing my Blog Format

After traveling almost full time for three plus years and writing about the experience, my website has gone through many transformations. Now it’s time to go back to basics. This is why I’m changing my blog format.

At first it was simply a journal with detailed raw accounts of daily happenings topped off with my somewhat unappreciated sense of humor. Then after gaining some traction and following, I became determined to create a broader and more serious website. I focused on statistics and thought, “I need to boost visitors!”

So I then started publishing guides on cities and countries, top ten lists, and hotel reviews. These articles provided a wealth of information and background though it was basically regurgitated from around the web.

This strategy worked for creating organic traffic, but badly failed at my goal of creating a following. The problem was, these articles proved to be only relevant to travelers going to that specific place. There was no need to follow up or read other articles. I may have even lost some readership from my previous following including my family! Ouch!

After writing hundreds of articles, I realized that I’m basically publishing my own guidebook collection, except it wasn’t a known brand like lonelyplanet and my aim was never to create this compendium of travel. This was suppose to be my story.

The process was also extremely time consuming, meaning I couldn’t publish quality articles in a timely manner, especially not while traveling.

Then every once in awhile, I would come upon a story that I was really excited to tell, like the time I almost died on Mount Kilimanjaro. I wrote with enthusiasm and laughed as I recounted the story.

I want to bring that passion back to my writing. 

So I’ve decided to alter the format of my blog. World-Adventurer newsletters though brief, have been the most personal accounts of my recent travels. Instead of summarizing the travel in the newsletter, I’ll write a weekly post on my current trip highlighting the interesting events and situations I’ve come across.

I’m looking forward to sharing the actual experience of traveling to every country in the world and interacting more with my audience. You guys and gals are the reason I write and I hope that this new format will also allow you to share tips and advice on your specific travel expertise!

Thanks for reading! Let’s go see the world!


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Founder and writer at World-Adventurer.com, David is on a mission to travel to every country in the world and has less than 10 countries left! He loves new adventures, unique cultures, historic landmarks, and luxurious hotels. Follow along as David shares a journey of a lifetime!