Jamaica Mon!

After a long summer break, I’m headed to my country 185 – Jamaica! This trip is significant because after it, I will have completed every country in the Western Hemisphere. Many have asked how come I haven’t visited such an obvious destination thus far. There’s no specific reason except that travel takes you on unexpected courses and I just happened to have missed Jamaica until now!

Jamaica is the fourth largest island state in the Caribbean and one of the most populated with 2.8 million people. Fortunately I wont need a visa as visitors from the US, Canada, EU, and Australia can visit visa free for at least 30 days.

I intend to visit Montego Bay and drive down passing by Ocho Rios to the capital, Kingston over the course of 4 days. This way I can see the beaches, resorts, tropical forests, and then the culture and history of the country. I’m also happy to be working with some great sponsors for the trip.

My only concern besides the violent crime warnings, is the level 2 alert for Zika virus issued by the CDC. Let’s hope the deet-filled bug repellent I packed is effective.

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