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Lovin’ the Lovina Vibe

Burmese Days and Indo Nights – Indonesia and Myanmar
Day 5: Relaxing at Puri Mangga, checking out Lovina beach and de-stressing at the Banjar Hotsprings.

After an restful night of sleep, we were up to start the day. At breakfast, we met Mely, the assistant manager who introduced the property and gave us some tips on sights to see.

Lovina Beach

We went to check out the beach down the mountain. Unfortunately the sand was very earthy, but still clean so you could sunbathe on it. There were many Indonesian boats parked on the beach.

Some hawkers gave us tour options and asked us to join the dolphin tour.

Puri Mangga

Back at the resort, we took advantage of our private pool. “Bali Hai” played on our iPhone, while we drank Bali Hai beer and soaked in the rays of the midday sun.

Banjar Hotsprings

We could have stayed at the pool all day, but there was exploring to do!

With a last minute decision, we decided to check out the natural hot spring which was a short drive away.

After finding the location, we parked and browsed the shops lining the path toward the attraction.

A guard at the entrance collected our ticket fee (5000 rupia). The natural spring is funneled through spouts shaped like dragons, which then flow into larger baths. The Japanese built the baths when they controlled the area in World War II. It is believed that the hot water heals skin disease.

We took a dip. The water was quite murky and smelled funny, but was definitely very warm.

To dry off we bought a few tourist shirts to use as towels.

On the way back we drove by what seemed to be a wedding ceremony.

Getting back in the evening we stopped at Khi Khi for some fresh seafood. The restaurant was empty but the staff were friendly. They even let Christina in the kitchen to see them grill the snapper.

We ordered a Tom Yang Soup, a salad, grilled snapper, grilled squid, and Bintang beer.

With our bellies full, we went back to the hotel to be ready for our early start the next morning.


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