Mandalay’s Hotel by the Red Canal

Burmese Days and Indo Nights – Indonesia and Myanmar
An experience and review of The Hotel by the Red Canal where we stayed one night during our tour of Mandalay, Myanmar.

The small walled property, opened in 2006, is literally an oasis in the middle of the busy city of Mandalay. It is rated as one of the best hotels in the area by a number of publications.

With our one-day stopover in Mandalay, we arranged to experience the hotel ourselves.


  • Extremely service oriented with friendly accommodating staff.
  • Peaceful and tranquil within the walls of the property.
  • Centrally located on the east of the Royal Palace and near most major attractions.
  • Extras like massage, high tea, happy hour, etc. make the hotel seems like an all inclusive resort.


We arrive by taxi in the afternoon. The welcome staff greeted us with a wet towel and fruit juice as we pointed out our name on a board displaying all the remaining guests to arrive that day.

Immediately escorted inside, we sat at the desk to check-in. After we were given a brief introduction and shown our room.

In our room was a huge fresh fruit plate with a welcome note next to the bed and a bathtub full of water with rose petals.

At the concierge we ordered flight tickets and rented hotel bicycles which was a painless process. Then we went out sightseeing around Mandalay.

On our return we relaxed in the room with the complementary coffee and then went for a soothing foot massage.

The hotel was hosting a happy hour event this evening by the pool. We joined a dozen guests or so for cocktails and snacks as a lady in traditional dress played a Myanmar harp.

The next day we enjoyed the breakfast in the main restaurant. The buffet table was small but had the essentials and an attentive waiter took our orders for eggs which was brought to the table.

On our check out, the cleaning staff even noticed we left a sweatshirt in the room and brought it down to us before we caught our taxi. Thats the kind of attention that makes you really feel looked after.


Centrally located, the hotel is a short distance away from Mandalay Palace and in easy access of most sights.


The hotel has 25 suites named and decorated after major ethnic groups of Myanmar, Chin, Kachin, Rakhin, and Shan.

Our room was small but cozy. Like the rest of the building the wood flooring and decorations complete the feel. Rooms are well equipped with all the modern amenities and luxuries, like wifi internet, satellite TV, air conditioning, a coffee machine, and a safe. Rooms even have a small balcony or stone waterfall.


From when you first step into the courtyard until you leave the hotel, the attention to your needs by all hotel staff is apparent. Well trained and cheerful staff are ready to accommodate from giving day tour recommendations to booking flights and taxis.


  • Sightseeing: As most visitors are tourists, the location of the hotel makes it easy to access major tourist sights.
  • Bicycle Ride: Take in Mandalay via a calm ride around the city. Rentals are available at the hotel.
  • Pool: Relax and take a swim in the pool.
  • Spa: Available at the hotel offering a number of massage options.
  • Hotel Events: The hotel organizes events for the guests like the happy hour by the pool. They are fun and worth checking out.


  • Spice Garden – Is the primary restaurant serving Myanmar and Indian cuisines. The included breakfast is served on the first floor of the restaurant overlooking the courtyard.


This boutique hotel really understands what a traveler is looking for and meets those needs through quality service, a peaceful environment, and offering extra service and activities. Clean, beautifully decorated, and private, I would recommend this to friends and look forward to another chance to stay.


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