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March On, Bahamaland! The Bahamas

March On, Bahamaland! Country 46 on my world tour is The Bahamas. A short 4 day weekend getaway will allow me to explore two of the Bahamas islands and several destinations!

The Bahamas’ national anthem “March On, Bahamaland” embodies the spirit of growth and development. This is accurate as the country is one of the richest from a GDP point of view relying heavily on tourism. With over 3,000 islands spread over 5,358 sq miles, the country is reminiscent of the Maldives.

Christopher Columbus first landed on the Bahamas islands on his exploratory journey in 1492. In the 1700s it became a British colony and eventually gained independence in 1973. If Columbus is too out-of-date for you, Lenny Kravitz is a modern day celebrity with some Bahamian blood.

With a direct roundtrip flight from New York, Bahamas was the perfect destination for checking off a new country. I’m planning to visit the capital, Nassau, hop over on a quick flight to explore Freeport, the second largest city, then back to Nassau to check out Paradise Island before heading home.

In other words (airport code):

  1. EWR > NAS
  2. NAS > FPO
  3. FPO > NAS
  4. NAS > EWR

A few of the highlights I hope to do are:

Country 46, here I come! Anyone been here before? Tips or suggestions?


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