O Land of Beauty, Saint Kitts and Nevis

Cruising for Saints in the Caribbean Day 9: Breezing through St. Kitts and Nevis, country 45! A tour around St. Kitts through Basseterre, Palm Court Gardens, Brimstone Hill Fortress, Black Rocks, Romney Manor, and ending the day at Cockleshell Beach.

Another day, another island, and another country! Saint Kitts and Nevis was one of the first in the Caribbean to be settle by the Europeans thus the name “The Mother Colony of the West Indies”.

In 1493, Christopher Columbus saw Nevis and named it Saint Martin. But due to poor mapping, the name was transferred to another island.

After we arrived at the ferry terminal, we hired a car to take us around the island.


The tour started with a quick round in the capital city. The British colonial influence was apparent in the buildings and even how the guards dressed at the Government House.

Palm Court Gardens

A short distance up the hill overlooking the bay is this private property. Built in 18th century, this house is now renovated into a tourist destination for shopping and poolside relaxation.

Brimstone Hill Fortress National Park

Our next stop was a UNESCO World Heritage Site that can be traced back to 1690. This British fort had a reputation for being impenetrable, though the British were defeated by the French when they laid siege to the fort for a month.

Cannons lined the road and archways on our approach. The grounds were well preserved and after purchasing a ticket, we could explore the renovated structure. The view was great from the top!

Black Rocks

Further around the mountain we stopped at the natural black rocks jutting into the sea. The waves pounding the jagged formation made a powerful image. Around the tourist area were souvenir and food carts, not to mention two random donkeys wandering about.

Romney Manor

This historic property was once the home of Sam Jefferson II whose direct descendant was President Thomas Jefferson. In the 17th century, the Earl of Romney purchased this 10 acre lot thus the name. Now its a tourist attraction and houses Caribelle Batik, a shop for locally produced artwork and clothing.

There is a charm to the area, especially with the well manicured gardens and an impressive 350 year old saman tree. A guide showed us how to use a plant as lipstick, that traditionally is used to dye clothing.

In the Caribelle Batik shop, artists show how the traditional process of wax and dyes create intricate patterns and designs. It was quite informative and a well stocked souvenir store.

We continued south to our last stop of the day… the beach! The drive was very picturesque and offered views over Nevis island.

Cockleshell Beach

Arriving at the famous beach, we settled into a lounging bed and ordered a late lunch. The area was very peaceful and quite empty besides the single person flying around with a water jet pack.

We spent our remaining time sipping on Carib Lagers and cocktails on the beach. Not a bad way to end a day of sightseeing!

Our drive picked us up and took us back to the port were we boarded our ship and sailed away…

O Land of Beauty, St Kitt and Nevis’ national anthem is quite accurate. Tomorrow we will arrive in France… or at least one of their held territories.


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