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A three day visit to the small nation of Comoros to explore the culture, tour Moroni, and enjoy the beaches on The South of Africa Tour where I visit 13 new countries. Comoros is a country made up four volcanic islands. Previously a French colony, the country gained independence in 1975. The island of Mayotte … Continue reading Comoros

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Lemme See Barbados in a Day!

Cruising for Saints in the Caribbean Day 7: Arriving in country 43/196 and seeing the main sights of Barbados in a day. A road trip through Bridgetown, visiting the best east coast beaches, St. Nicholas Abbey, and Mount Gay. To explore the island state of the Barbados, my sister, brother and I decided to split … Continue reading Lemme See Barbados in a Day!


I’ve Died and Gone to Whisky Heaven – Islay, Scotland

Day 8, Scotland: A full day of touring (and tasting!) the island where the best whisky in the world is made. Up around 6:15, we got ready and rushed out, pre-made hotel breakfast in-hand. We bid farewell to Tarbert and sped to catch our ferry to the island, Islay. Was the ferry named the Titanic? … Continue reading I’ve Died and Gone to Whisky Heaven – Islay, Scotland