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Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

Exploring WWII ruins, wandering cities, diving shipwrecks, visiting pristine beaches and snorkeling reefs in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu on the trip, Pacifying the Pacific. Solomon Islands Leaving Papua New Guinea, I was on a Air Niugini flight to Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands. The landing was so hard we bounced a bit. … Continue reading Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

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Shark Diving in Port Lucaya Bahamas

March On, Bahamaland! Day 2: Planning our stay in Freeport and deciding on a two-tank scuba dive for the day followed by local drinks in the marketplace square. It was difficult to get out of bed with the soft pillows cradling my head, but the sun beckoned me to get dressed and begin my day. … Continue reading Shark Diving in Port Lucaya Bahamas