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A Long Malta Weekend

Trip planning and overview of the trip A Long Malta Weekend where I tour country 135. In the Mediterranean just south of Sicily, is an exotic island that occasionally pops up in conversation as a great vacation destination. Malta. Three main islands make up one of Europe’s and the world’s smallest and most densely populated … Continue reading A Long Malta Weekend

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Trip Plan: Perusing the Persian Gulf

Planning my upcoming trip to visit Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Azerbaijan, Monaco, and Andorra. Aptly named Perusing the Persian Gulf (except for the last three) these seven countries will bring my country count to 126! Here’s how I planned it! Originally scheduled to visit the Stans, I was unprepared for the number of visas I … Continue reading Trip Plan: Perusing the Persian Gulf


A UK Olympic Summer Month

A UK Olympic Summer Month: Planning A month of Olympics, Guinness, Scotch, and Swedish Meatballs! This summer I’m off to my annual family vacation in Italy, but adventure is near! As the Olympics are in London this year, I will use London as my base city and take the chance to explore Ireland, Northern Ireland, … Continue reading A UK Olympic Summer Month