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Kingston, Jamaica

From Montego Bay I spent a day driving down to Kingston with an afternoon visit to Ocho Rios. The route south on the new highway was a breeze and took just under two hours. I was headed to the country’s largest and capital city. Arriving in the evening, I checked into the Courtyard Marriott Kingston. … Continue reading Kingston, Jamaica

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The Sultanate of Oman in Two Days

Touring Oman in two days focusing on Muscat and the historic forts on the first stop of the trip, Perusing the Persian Gulf. The Journey Oman was the start of my Perusing the Persian Gulf tour which would bring me around the Persian Gulf towards Iran and finally Azerbaijan. Coming from New York I had … Continue reading The Sultanate of Oman in Two Days

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Touring Luderitz, Namibia for a couple of days on The South of Africa Tour where I visit 13 new countries. The Portuguese explorer, Bartolomeu Dias, was first known to set foot in the Luderitz area in 1487. Eventually the town was established in 1883 by German settlers. A couple of decades later, diamonds were discovered … Continue reading Luderitz


Algiers and Tipaza, Algeria

Atlas North: A Tour through Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria A single day trip to Algeria, visiting the Tipaza Ruins and the capital Algiers with stops at Port de BouHaroun, Notre Dame d’Afrique, the Casbah, the Great Mosque of Algiers, the Ketchaoua Mosque, the Grand Post Office, Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma, and the Monument … Continue reading Algiers and Tipaza, Algeria

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Wicked Tuna in Cape Cod

Stepping into the shoes of a tuna fisherman for a weekend of hardcore fishing in Cape Cod Bay! One day I got a call from Garth, a good friend with a unique proposition. It went something like this. Have you ever seen the show “Wicked Tuna”? – No, why? Do you wanna go tuna fishing? … Continue reading Wicked Tuna in Cape Cod

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What Large Pitons you have Saint Lucia!

Cruising for Saints in the Caribbean Day 8: Checking off Saint Lucia, country 44/196! Driving to see the Pitons by the Government House then stopping at the Sulphur Springs for a mud bath. Finally a quick stroll through downtown Castries before boarding our ship. With another day to explore a new island, we left the … Continue reading What Large Pitons you have Saint Lucia!


I’ve Died and Gone to Whisky Heaven – Islay, Scotland

Day 8, Scotland: A full day of touring (and tasting!) the island where the best whisky in the world is made. Up around 6:15, we got ready and rushed out, pre-made hotel breakfast in-hand. We bid farewell to Tarbert and sped to catch our ferry to the island, Islay. Was the ferry named the Titanic? … Continue reading I’ve Died and Gone to Whisky Heaven – Islay, Scotland

Glasgow Cathedral view

A Morning in Glasgow and a Drive to Islay

Day 7, Scotland: A morning of speed tourism in Glasgow followed by a beautiful drive to Islay Up early around 9 am, I had quite a morning planned for us. We had half a day to check out the major sites of Glasgow, the largest Scottish city and third largest UK city. We checked out … Continue reading A Morning in Glasgow and a Drive to Islay