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Peaceful Iraq Egypt Revisited

Time to tackle country 189, Iraq. Though this sounds daunting, Iraq has a little secret called Kurdistan. Like Somaliland in Somolia, Kurdistan is a self governed state within a state. Internationally it is recognized as a part of Iraq but for all intents and purposes it is a separate country. As much as I’d like … Continue reading Peaceful Iraq Egypt Revisited


Winter Wonderland

I’m back on the road, destination Norway! November will be a cold time to travel to Scandinavia, but country 186 is waiting! I’m expecting plenty of snow and low temperatures, hence the trip name Winter Wonderland. Reaching Norway means I will be on my last 10 countries. I’m really excited and so grateful to share … Continue reading Winter Wonderland

Stantastic Tour

Stantastic Tour

Planning and starting a Stanstastic Tour through the “stans”! The “stans” have been on my list for awhile now and I finally am about to undertake a tricky trip to Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, and finally Pakistan. If all goes well I would have explore some of the great sights of seven new … Continue reading Stantastic Tour

Horn of Africa Tour

Horn of Africa Tour

Planning a very last minute trip to the Horn of Africa to visit Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, and South Sudan. After an intense summer in Italy, Malta, and Iceland, I had a brief week back in the US before deciding on taking a last minute journey. My friend Chris will partially joining me for … Continue reading Horn of Africa Tour

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A Long Malta Weekend

Trip planning and overview of the trip A Long Malta Weekend where I tour country 135. In the Mediterranean just south of Sicily, is an exotic island that occasionally pops up in conversation as a great vacation destination. Malta. Three main islands make up one of Europe’s and the world’s smallest and most densely populated … Continue reading A Long Malta Weekend

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Trip Plan: Perusing the Persian Gulf

Planning my upcoming trip to visit Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Iran, Azerbaijan, Monaco, and Andorra. Aptly named Perusing the Persian Gulf (except for the last three) these seven countries will bring my country count to 126! Here’s how I planned it! Originally scheduled to visit the Stans, I was unprepared for the number of visas I … Continue reading Trip Plan: Perusing the Persian Gulf