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How to get a visa for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is notoriously difficult to get a visa for. Here’s my experience and some information and tips on how to secure a visa to visit the reclusive country. Firstly you may think, I’ll apply for a tourist visa. Good luck. They don’t exist (at least anymore). I remember approaching an embassy in Cameroon and … Continue reading How to get a visa for Saudi Arabia


A Week In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has long been in my sights as a unique and difficult country to visit, especially as a non-muslim. Having only heard stories of the mysterious country I had no idea what to expect. The first challenge was gaining access aka getting a visa. As Saudi Arabia does not have tourist visas, the only … Continue reading A Week In Saudi Arabia

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Nigeria and Chad

This week on Wandering West Africa I visit the top sights of Lagos, Nigeria, take a trip to N’Djamena, Chad through Morocco and visit the main sights of N’Djamena. Nigeria Immigration Coming from Cape Verde, via Morocco, I arrived in Lagos in the early morning. Nigeria was a big accomplishment for me, because I had … Continue reading Nigeria and Chad

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Visa Runs in Yaounde Cameroon

This week on Wandering West Africa, visa runs at several embassies with some sightseeing on the side. Arriving from Douala, Yaounde was a welcomed change of pace. The peaceful capital of Cameroon is much less hectic and busy. Nestled in the surrounding hills, the city feels a lot smaller than it actually is. After checking … Continue reading Visa Runs in Yaounde Cameroon

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From Central Africa’s Top to Most Mysterious

From the top of Mount Cameroon to the reclusive state of Equatorial Guinea, this week in Wandering West Africa. The week started with a two day climb of Mount Cameroon, the highest mountain in the west of Africa. I’ll have a specific post about this adventurous activity this week, though I can say that even … Continue reading From Central Africa’s Top to Most Mysterious

Great Eastern Summer

The Great Eastern Summer

An itinerary and planning for “The Great Eastern Summer”, a trip of a lifetime, across three continents and over thirty countries. With three months open for travel my friend Bill and I were set to do some serious exploring. We would start in Africa, go on safari and climb Mount Kilimanjaro, then venture into the … Continue reading The Great Eastern Summer


Spending a Peaceful Day in Dhaka as Riots Rage Outside the Hotel

Four Countries in 2 Weeks: Turkey, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and India Day 2: Arriving in Bangladesh, country 55, and spending a peaceful day at the Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel during the political unrest in Dhaka! Arrival Arriving in Bangladesh we walked through the very basic airport towards our first experience in the country. As we … Continue reading Spending a Peaceful Day in Dhaka as Riots Rage Outside the Hotel