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Espiritu Santo WWII Tour

Espiritu Santo was an important base of operations during WWII. The Allies used the island as a support and supply base. Santo eventually became the second largest US base in the Pacific with 40,000 troops stationed there. They had airbases, repair facilities and a naval harbor. Today reminders of the war are scattered throughout the … Continue reading Espiritu Santo WWII Tour


Palau Top Sights

Next stop on the Pacifying the Pacific Tour is Palau, country 177! With four days to explore the beautiful islands and Palau top sights, we had a packed schedule to see the highlights of this magnificent country. Koror Most visitors are based in Koror, the largest state and city. Koror also use to be the … Continue reading Palau Top Sights


Pohnpei Top Sights

Continuing on the Pacifying Pacific Tour from Majuro, we arrive in the Federal States of Micronesia and my country 176! Our visit will be focused on exploring Pohnpei island where the capital city of Palikir is located. It is the second most populated island, after Chuuk, with a population of around 35,000. Micronesia is actually … Continue reading Pohnpei Top Sights

Kiribati Tarawa Header


Exploring the sights of Tarawa, Kiribati, country 173 on the Pacifying the Pacific adventure. Journey Coming from Samoa, I had a layover in Nadi before my flight to Tarawa, Kiribati. I found the country was also pronounced “keer-ə-bahss”. Previously a British territory, it gained independence in 1979 so most people speak English well. From the … Continue reading Kiribati

Vanuatu Header

Solomon Islands and Vanuatu

Exploring WWII ruins, wandering cities, diving shipwrecks, visiting pristine beaches and snorkeling reefs in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu on the trip, Pacifying the Pacific. Solomon Islands Leaving Papua New Guinea, I was on a Air Niugini flight to Honiara, the capital of the Solomon Islands. The landing was so hard we bounced a bit. … Continue reading Solomon Islands and Vanuatu