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Tairona Inca: Colombia and Peru in 2 Weeks

Introduction and itinerary of a 2 week trip of Colombia and Peru’s highlights.

Ah… South America, my unexplored continent.

Having visited all of Central America on the End of the World Tour and Coast of Riches, I was excited to tackle the larger bordering continent. With a two week window, I organized an action packed trip through Colombia and Peru, country 58 and 59!


The trip would start in Colombia with the trendy new years party in Cartagena. From there we would explore the city and then head to Santa Marta where Park Tayrona is located. After a short flight is a day in the capital of Colombia, Bogota.

Peru is up next. We explore the capital Lima on a long layover, before flying to Cusco. We finally have a few relaxing days before our Lares hike ending with a train ride to Aguas Calientes and Machu Picchu. Oh what a sight to behold…

Then we visit Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world before going back inland to Colca Canyon.

After a couple of relaxing days of hot springs and alpacas, we head south to Arequipa. Finally, we conclude our trip and head home.


There will be nine flights on this trip split up in four itineraries. I will be flying United, CopaAirlines, Avianca, and LAN (the last two airlines are new for me).



This trip covers very different landmarks, areas, activities, and cultures. The following are some highlights I am looking forward to.

  • New Years 2014 in Cartagena
  • Tayrona National Park
  • The once dangerous Bogota in a day
  • Lima, Peru’s Capital
  • Cusco, the Inca Capital
  • The Lares Trek
  • Machu Picchu the New World Wonder
  • Lake Titicaca on the border of Bolivia
  • Colca Canyon twice as deep as the Grand Canyon
  • Arequipa the White City
  • Luxury Hotels on route

Stay tuned for an adventure of a lifetime!


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