Thoughts of what’s to come

The big 30 is quite a significant number. For our generation, it’s definitely more important than 18 or 21. 30 signifies the end of the twenties, but as our current age group deals with “the pre-adulthood stage”, at what age are you actually “old” or “mature”. I guess I could google it and get a bunch of different answers.

For my thirtieth, I did not plan to celebrate. I wanted to celebrate alone by reviewing the past and focusing on the important for the future. A nice alone weekend would do wonders for that thought process. Is this my “quarter-life crisis”?  And if it is, does that mean I’ll live till 120?

Alas, my dearest cousin Amy and friend Buck wont leave me in peace. They asked me to reserve my Saturday for … something.

*Update: Amy and Buck planned a wonderful day surprising me with an afternoon of paint-balling in the city with our friends. After we were sore and bruised, we headed to dinner followed by drinks all over town. Thanks for the surprise guys!


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  • And to every one’s great pleasure it was true! Except that our poison of choice was (luckily for you) Niu Lan Shan instead of Hong Xing 😉

    You also forgot the need for a passport. We were clearly going to poison you and then sneak you out of the country. It was going to be hilarious when you woke up in what seemed to be an advanced medical facility but really just turned out to be a cabin in the middle of the jungle decorated to look like that. And then… What’s this… You’re actually on ANOTHER island?? Maybe you shouldn’t have opened the hatch…

  • Amy

    Hahaha! Now our actual hijack sounds far less… risky / deadly…?

    “We’ll see if it comes true” sounds like you WISH it would come true – that’s ok, after all, we still have next weekend to “celebrate” your birthday too! 😉