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Tissa’s Inn at Fort Kochi

Four Countries in 2 Weeks: Turkey, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and India
An experience at Tissa’s Inn during our one night stay in Kochi, India!


  • Luxurious rooms in a boutique hotel setting.
  • Central location in Fort Kochi.
  • Excellent, helpful, and friendly staff.


A friend and I stayed at this property one night during our visit to Kochi. When choosing a lodging, we found Tissa’s Inn to be well ranked, reviewed and located. The owners, Johny and Sunny Malayil graciously hosted our stay.

This small boutique has 9 rooms for a really personalized experience. They aim to be a eco-friendly luxury hotel with their own sewage treatment and usage of solar power.


About an hour away from the main airport, Tissa’s Inn lies in the center of Fort Kochi.

If the weather is fine, most of the tourist sites are walkable. Otherwise jump into an easily accessible rickshaw for a short ride to any of the attractions.

The hotel can also arrange cars if requested.


On arrival, we were greeted by the friendly receptionists. The check-in process was comfortable and efficient.

As were had arrived very early, our room was not yet ready, so the hotel recommended we relax by the poolside. They held our luggage and brought the bags to the room when it was ready.

There was a changing room next to the pool, so our time was not wasted waiting around. After a cooling dip, a lady from reception suggested a tour around the city. They also helped book our tour for a Kerala boat ride.

The front desk staff was very well training and understood customer service. They made it their mission to make sure we got the most out of our stay at the hotel and we felt very well taken care of in their hands.

The rest of the hotel staff was also very professional. They didn’t just perform their duties, they did it with a sincere smile.

It’s that type of attitude that creates the welcoming atmosphere of the hotel.


When we entered our room after our tour around Kochi, the first aspect we noticed was the high ceiling and spaciousness of the room. The classy minimalist design of the room is accented by strategically placed antiques.

The bathroom was simple and clean, with the essential shower, toilet, and sink. The amenities were very complete.


There are a number of activities to partake in during your stay.

  • Touring: The hotel helps arrange and book any kind of tour that you may be interested in. They also can recommend walking/taxi tours of Fort Kochi.
    We booked one of the Kerala river tours and the whole process was very professional. We spent a few minutes describing the tour we wanted to do and the reception confirmed the booking by the time we were back from our morning Fort Kochi tour.
  • Pool: There is a swimming pool on the rooftop which offers a quiet and private space to relax after a day of touring.
  • Crafter’s Antiques: The owner of Tissa’s Inn also runs the well-established and original chain of antique stores in Jew Town. We made a point to stop by to see the impressive collection of antiques from around the world. Walking through the store feels like you are in a museum.

    I highly suggest a visit and if you need a break in the area, Crafter’s Cafe is right upstairs offering drinks and refreshments.

    At one of the stores is the world’s largest varpu, a traditional brass cooking pot. Interestingly, Prince Charles and his wife had recently visited to see the brassware in person!


  • Jackfruit Tree: Located near the entrance of the hotel, the main restaurant of the hotel serves Indian and Western cuisine with a focus on seafood. The a la carte breakfast service is served here.


Service, location, and the luxurious private setting make Tissa’s Inn stand out above the other options in the area.

I recommend the hotel to anyone visiting Kochi!


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