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Tornado Tour of South America – Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Brazil

Tornado Tour of South America – Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil
Planning and a rough itinerary of a crazy tour of South America with stops in Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil. Bringing the country count from 64 to 70!

Three days off the plane from last last tour through North Africa, I’m sitting in an Admiral’s Lounge in LaGuardia Airport writing this post on the next adventure.

A few weeks ago a friend of mine was having a sort of quarter life crisis, so he decided to take some time off work and travel. Excellent! Before his ticket was even booked, I had my flight to Argentina and return flight from Brazil locked in.

With barely any planning, we were set on traveling in South America.


A rough plan of our trip is as follows:

– Buenos Aires

– Montevideo
– Colonia

– Mendoza

– Santiago
– Valparaiso (I think they got the fire under control)

– La Paz
– Uyuni Salt Flats
– Santa Cruz de la Sierra (If time allows)

– Asuncion
– Ciudad del Este to see Iguazu Falls

– Rio de Janeiro

All in the timeframe of less than two weeks. Impossible? We’ll see.

Follow along for the adventure!


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