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Wandering West Africa

Introducing a trip, Wandering West Africa, to visit as many Western African nations as possible!

One of the largest sections of countries that I haven’t visited yet is in western Africa. Having just gone through three new countries in East Africa on the Horn of Africa Tour, I’m excited to compare it to the west.

Thus far I have a one way ticket into Senegal and plan to figure out the route on the ground. Flights and local transport may be easier to research from the actual countries.


I plan on taking a bus into The Gambia and possibly a flight up to Mauritania and Cape Verde. Then from there try to get visas etc and continue further south.


As experienced with Sudan, South Sudan, and Eritrea, it will be a difficult operation to get all the visas in a short amount of time. Hopefully everything will work out!

Flying from Sardinia, I started with a layover in Milan where I went to see the massive expo and then a layover in Madrid. The Air Europa flight gets me into Dakar in the evening.

Excited to discover the West of Africa!


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