A Week In Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has long been in my sights as a unique and difficult country to visit, especially as a non-muslim. Having only heard stories of the mysterious country I had no idea what to expect.

The first challenge was gaining access aka getting a visa.

As Saudi Arabia does not have tourist visas, the only way to visit is to be invited by family or a business. I have no family there so that option was closed. Another was to apply to visit a conference which I’ve heard does work if you can find a relevant conference or exhibit related to your field. Fortunately I had a friend who has business dealings in Saudi and was able to secure an invitation letter.

With a letter in hand, I went to the Consulate in New York to process my visa. What should have been a simple application, payment, and pick up was turned out to be a frustrating and drawn out process using their antiquated online system of registration and payment.

Once my visa was obtained, I purchased tickets and planned out my week in Saudi.

Flying into Jeddah I would spent a couple of days before heading north to Al Ula near the incredible ruins of Madain Saleh. After spending a few days to explore, I would fly to Riyadh and spend my remaining time in the capital of the country.


For this trip I am also supported by the generous Park Hyatt Jeddah and Hyatt Regency Riyadh.

A crazy week for sure with airport drama, a bad accident, exploration, culture shock and pleasant surprises, follow along as I share my experience of a week in Saudi Arabia, country 192!


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