Winter Wonderland

I’m back on the road, destination Norway! November will be a cold time to travel to Scandinavia, but country 186 is waiting! I’m expecting plenty of snow and low temperatures, hence the trip name Winter Wonderland. Reaching Norway means I will be on my last 10 countries. I’m really excited and so grateful to share the experience with you all!

To get to Oslo I’m taking Norwegian from JFK for only $178.91 one way! Their transatlantic budget flights are really shaking up the industry.


As of now, my Norwegian part of the trip will be focused on Oslo. I’m working with some great sponsors like Visit Oslo and The Thief Hotel.

It would be great to do some hiking but unfortunately this may not be the best weather/time period to do it. I’ll check out the situation when I get there.

From Oslo I plan on taking a train to Stockholm to meet up with some friends before flying over to Milan and then Cagliari. Flying with Ryanair I managed to get a $15.81 ticket to from Stockholm to Milan and a $42.06 ticket to Cagliari. I love air travel in Europe!


Sardinia will be to do some work on our properties including a new Bed and Breakfast named Stellina where I hope to welcome you all at one day! 🙂

From there I’m headed to Belgium to celebrate my grandmother’s 90th birthday! 90 is quite the milestone and she’s in great shape! I’ll have a chance to do some touring as well and feature some great properties in Brussels, such as the Sofitel and The Dominican!

After the party I’m returning to Kazakhstan. Unfortunately on my last Stans trip I didn’t manage to enter Turkmenistan due to being denied a visa. Time for round two and if I’m lucky Turkmenistan will be country 187!

While in Kazakhstan I hope to check out the futuristic capital, Astana, which I also missed last time.

After all of that, back to New York for Christmas! See you in Oslo!


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Founder and writer at World-Adventurer.com, David is on a mission to travel to every country in the world and has less than 10 countries left! He loves new adventures, unique cultures, historic landmarks, and luxurious hotels. Follow along as David shares a journey of a lifetime!