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Palma Royale Introduces Luxury to Backpacker Bocas

Coast of Riches: A Journey Through Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama My experience at Palma Royale during our one night stay in Bocas del Toro.


  • Luxurious and spacious rooms with ocean views.
  • Friendly and helpful reception.
  • Central location, right on the main Bocas town strip.


We made it to Palma Royale in the afternoon and had a speedy check-in. The hotel is quite new which is reflected by the excellent condition that everything is in. The room was a nice surprise especially after having seen the other lodging options on the strip. The front desk was very helpful, first assisting with a call to a Costa Rican company for a lost item and then finding a tour operator who was able to take us out even given the late timing.

In the evening they also called a taxi and made our reservation for dinner.

The beds were some of the most comfortable of the trip and we were well rested for the early wake up and flight out of Bocas.

Read the full experience here.


Towards the south end of the strip, Palma Royale is a few blocks walk from the ferry terminal and right next to some popular nightlife options. Right next to the water, there are some excellent views to be had.


We stayed in a Double Suite. With this set up, we each had a separate queen bed in a separate bedroom, linked by the living room which also has access to the small outdoor terrace. The common area had a couch set up in front of the flatscreen TV. The safe was located in the second room closet. There was also a complementary coffee machine, with a grinder and local whole beans. It’s little touches like this elevate a hotel’s entire experience.

The bathroom was beautifully tiled throughout and had an open rain-shower configuration. Quality amenities were placed by the sink.

Walkway to the rooms.
Walkway to the rooms.
Entrance to our room on the second floor.
Entrance to our room on the second floor.
My bed with a view over the street and establishments.
My bed with a view over the street and establishments.
Bill’s bed with an ocean view.
Bill’s bed with an ocean view.
Common area to relax and plan our day.
Common area to relax and plan our day.
Stylish bathrooms.
Stylish bathrooms with warm lighting.
Open-designed showers.
Open-designed showers.
Small private terrace for some fresh sea air...
Small private terrace for some fresh sea air…


Service was diligent and accommodating. They went out of their way to try to help in our requests for bookings, tours, taxis, room change, etc.

Our safe was locked and within minutes a maintenance man came up to unlock the safe and also teach us how to use it.

Cleaning staff was very attentive and friendly when we passed them.


The hotel had a listing and guide to all the available tours for Bocas and the Bocas area. There is a more in-depth collection in the reception, but the activities located in the booklet of each room is a great start to getting an idea of is offered.

We booked a private boat tour to see a few different areas, but you could also go to one specific island or beach and spend the day. The snorkeling and dolphin watching was fun, but there are a lot of activities to choose from.

The reception will be more than happy to help you organize something according to your tastes.


The main restaurant and bar is located on the first floor. Unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to sample the food as we left for our flight before the kitchen was open the next day.


If you want to treat yourself to a great luxurious experience during your stay at Bocas, you can’t go wrong with Hotel Palma Royale. I only wish we had a chance to stay longer as we both did not want to leave when the time came. The palm tree in their logo aptly illustrates how the hotel is the paradise among the varied selection of accommodations.


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