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How to get a visa for Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is notoriously difficult to get a visa for. Here’s my experience and some information and tips on how to secure a visa to visit the reclusive country. Firstly you may think, I’ll apply for a tourist visa. Good luck. They don’t exist (at least anymore). I remember approaching an embassy in Cameroon and … Continue reading How to get a visa for Saudi Arabia


Espiritu Santo WWII Tour

Espiritu Santo was an important base of operations during WWII. The Allies used the island as a support and supply base. Santo eventually became the second largest US base in the Pacific with 40,000 troops stationed there. They had airbases, repair facilities and a naval harbor. Today reminders of the war are scattered throughout the … Continue reading Espiritu Santo WWII Tour


Flying Air Astana

What is Air Astana? Many have never heard of the flagship airline of Kazakhstan unless planning a trip to Central Asia. They would then discover that the majority of the routes in the area are dominated by this large airline with its hubs in Almaty and Astana. I had the same discovery when planning my … Continue reading Flying Air Astana


Top Five Countries of 2016

It’s that time of the year again! A time to look back and reflect on our experiences. In 2016 I visited 21 new countries mostly in the Pacific and Central Asia. This is due to the fact that as I am reaching my last ten countries, they are becoming increasingly difficult to visit for various … Continue reading Top Five Countries of 2016

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Experience: Seabreeze Resort Samoa

A review of Seabreeze Resort in Samoa on the trip Pacifying the Pacific. Highlights Incredible private bay location. Luxurious villas and rooms. Casual fine dining with fresh ingredients. Background Started by an English/Australian couple that relocated to Samoa years ago, Seabreeze brings international luxury and style to an idyllic beachside location. With deep roots in … Continue reading Experience: Seabreeze Resort Samoa

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World Travelers Everywhere!

Finding out that the world is smaller than I thought! Meeting world travelers during my last six months of travel. I use to think what I was doing was unique. I mean, visiting every country in the world isn’t an easy task and takes dedication and sacrifice. I figured there was a handful of people … Continue reading World Travelers Everywhere!


Tips for Airport Parking

Guest Post by Darwin Cooper: A few tips to save time and money with airport parking! One of the most important things often overlooked when catching a flight is airport parking. In an ideal setting, passengers should have ample time to safely park their vehicles without sacrificing their travel budget. Of course the majority of … Continue reading Tips for Airport Parking

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15 Tips for Getting Visas in Africa

On my recent trip through Western Africa, by far the most challenging aspect of the travel was dealing with the bureaucracy of each nation’s immigration and trying to secure a visa for onward travel. Some of the hardest countries to get visas from including Angola, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea, and Democratic Republic of Congo are located … Continue reading 15 Tips for Getting Visas in Africa

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Top Ten Countries of 2015

A review of my top ten countries visited in 2015! With a total of 54 new countries visited in 2015 I’ve had a wealth of new adventures and many eye-opening experiences. Here is my pick for the top 10 new countries visited based primarily on my overall experience and secondarily on the quality of the … Continue reading Top Ten Countries of 2015