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Peaceful Iraq Egypt Revisited

Time to tackle country 189, Iraq. Though this sounds daunting, Iraq has a little secret called Kurdistan. Like Somaliland in Somolia, Kurdistan is a self governed state within a state. Internationally it is recognized as a part of Iraq but for all intents and purposes it is a separate country. As much as I’d like … Continue reading Peaceful Iraq Egypt Revisited


Kingston, Jamaica

From Montego Bay I spent a day driving down to Kingston with an afternoon visit to Ocho Rios. The route south on the new highway was a breeze and took just under two hours. I was headed to the country’s largest and capital city. Arriving in the evening, I checked into the Courtyard Marriott Kingston. … Continue reading Kingston, Jamaica


Montego Bay and Ocho Rios

Montego Bay Montego Bay was the first destination of my Jamaica Mon trip. The fourth largest city by population, Montego Bay has developed to be the premier tourist destination of the island. Massive resorts and duty-free shops cater for tourists arriving by cruise ships or plane. It is very convenient and inexpensive to fly from … Continue reading Montego Bay and Ocho Rios


Espiritu Santo WWII Tour

Espiritu Santo was an important base of operations during WWII. The Allies used the island as a support and supply base. Santo eventually became the second largest US base in the Pacific with 40,000 troops stationed there. They had airbases, repair facilities and a naval harbor. Today reminders of the war are scattered throughout the … Continue reading Espiritu Santo WWII Tour


Winter Wonderland

I’m back on the road, destination Norway! November will be a cold time to travel to Scandinavia, but country 186 is waiting! I’m expecting plenty of snow and low temperatures, hence the trip name Winter Wonderland. Reaching Norway means I will be on my last 10 countries. I’m really excited and so grateful to share … Continue reading Winter Wonderland


Palau Top Sights

Next stop on the Pacifying the Pacific Tour is Palau, country 177! With four days to explore the beautiful islands and Palau top sights, we had a packed schedule to see the highlights of this magnificent country. Koror Most visitors are based in Koror, the largest state and city. Koror also use to be the … Continue reading Palau Top Sights


Experience: Palau Royal Resort

A review of Palau Royal Resort on the island of Palau from the trip Pacifying the Pacific. Highlights Stunning location with private beaches and dock. Modern design rooms. Spa and onsite departures for activities. Friendly and accommodating service. Background The Japanese managed Palau Royal Resort is set on a peninsula surrounded by white sandy beaches. … Continue reading Experience: Palau Royal Resort


Experience: Hotel Palm Beach, Togo

A review of the Hotel Palm Beach in Lome, Togo from the trip Wandering West Africa. Highlights Stunning city views. Excellent downtown location. Safe and professional establishment. High level outdoor pool and bar. Background Hotel Palm Beach is a 4 star property right on the main road of downtown Lome next to the sea. Built … Continue reading Experience: Hotel Palm Beach, Togo


Experience: Marshall Islands Resort, Marshall Islands

A review of Marshall Islands Resort in Majuro on the trip Pacifying the Pacific. Highlights Picturesque sea views from the balconies. Many facilities available including a dive shop. Traditional restaurant with friendly service. Primary resort offering in town. Background The Marshall Islands Resort (previously named the Outrigger Marshall Islands Resort) is a locally owned and managed … Continue reading Experience: Marshall Islands Resort, Marshall Islands

Hotel Robert Reimers Sea

Experience: Hotel Robert Reimers, Marshall Islands

A review of Hotel Robert Reimers in Majuro, the Marshall Islands, on the trip Pacifying the Pacific. Highlights Great local atmosphere. Popular restaurant and bar area. Excellent central location. Family owned with long history in the area. Background Hotel Robert Reimers is a landmark in Majuro. The family owned company has deep roots serving the … Continue reading Experience: Hotel Robert Reimers, Marshall Islands