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Montego Bay and Ocho Rios

Montego Bay Montego Bay was the first destination of my Jamaica Mon trip. The fourth largest city by population, Montego Bay has developed to be the premier tourist destination of the island. Massive resorts and duty-free shops cater for tourists arriving by cruise ships or plane. It is very convenient and inexpensive to fly from … Continue reading Montego Bay and Ocho Rios

Icelandicair Hotel Herad Header

Experience: Icelandair Hotel Herad, Egilsstadir, Iceland

A review of the Icelandair Hotel Herad in Egilsstadir, Iceland the trip Circling Iceland. Highlights Modern property and guest rooms. Delicious East-Icelandic cuisine. High tea served daily. New conference facilities. Background The Icelandair Hotel chain is considered the premiere hotel group in Iceland. There are nine locations throughout the island and another on the way … Continue reading Experience: Icelandair Hotel Herad, Egilsstadir, Iceland

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Experience: Holiday Inn Andorra

A review of the Holiday Inn Andorra in Andorra La Vella, Andorra on the trip Perusing the Persian Gulf. Highlights Holiday Inn quality and comfort. Central location with free shuttle to the ski resort. Comfortable private event rooms. Specially designed activities and play rooms for children Great indoor pool and fitness center on-site. Background The … Continue reading Experience: Holiday Inn Andorra


Circling Iceland

Trip planning and overview of the trip Circling Iceland where I take a weeklong road trip around country 136. Ah Iceland… The name evokes images of steaming hot springs among snowcapped mountains lit by an aurora borealis. With a unique natural environment combining lava fields, mountains, glaciers, and sea, Iceland has been high on my … Continue reading Circling Iceland

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A Long Malta Weekend

Trip planning and overview of the trip A Long Malta Weekend where I tour country 135. In the Mediterranean just south of Sicily, is an exotic island that occasionally pops up in conversation as a great vacation destination. Malta. Three main islands make up one of Europe’s and the world’s smallest and most densely populated … Continue reading A Long Malta Weekend

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The Kingdom of Lesotho

A drive from Swaziland to Lesotho and visits to the main sights of the Maseru and the Kome Cave Dwellings on The South of Africa Tour. Lesotho is another landlocked state in South Africa that happens to be a kingdom like Swaziland. Previously known as Basutoland, the country was a British protectorate and later achieved … Continue reading The Kingdom of Lesotho

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A Day in Maputo the Capital of Mozambique

On The South of Africa Tour where I visit 13 countries in Africa, I take an overnight road trip to Maputo, Mozambique to explore the main sights! Maputo is a city with a turbulent past. During its Portuguese rule, it was very stable, had sufficient infrastructure and saw many tourists from around the area visiting … Continue reading A Day in Maputo the Capital of Mozambique