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Wandering West Africa

Introducing a trip, Wandering West Africa, to visit as many Western African nations as possible! One of the largest sections of countries that I haven’t visited yet is in western Africa. Having just gone through three new countries in East Africa on the Horn of Africa Tour, I’m excited to compare it to the west. … Continue reading Wandering West Africa

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DreamitReel Streamline Your Video Production

My experience using a new service DreamitReel to create original videos. Video editing is extremely time consuming, which is one of the reasons I never published the huge collection of video I’ve taken on my travels. I was then introduced to a fairly new start-up. DreamitReel provides professional editing of your raw video content to … Continue reading DreamitReel Streamline Your Video Production

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Somaliland in Two Days

Spending two days in Somaliland (the north-western state of Somalia) on the Horn of Africa Tour with a night time tour of the Hargeisa and a day trip to the Laas Geel caves. Though not an internationally recognized country, Somaliland, in the north western section of Somalia, has been autonomous and fairly well run for … Continue reading Somaliland in Two Days

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Djibouti the Strategic State

Visiting Djibouti, the first African country on the Horn of Africa Tour and discovering its unknown natural beauty and strategic importance. Stepping out of the plane in Djibouti the first thing I noticed was the extreme heat and humidity. Sweat almost immediately started forming on my brow. Entering the airport is the immigration check. Chris … Continue reading Djibouti the Strategic State

Horn of Africa Tour

Horn of Africa Tour

Planning a very last minute trip to the Horn of Africa to visit Djibouti, Ethiopia, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, and South Sudan. After an intense summer in Italy, Malta, and Iceland, I had a brief week back in the US before deciding on taking a last minute journey. My friend Chris will partially joining me for … Continue reading Horn of Africa Tour

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Bahrain in a Day

Touring Bahrain in a day to see the top sights of the country including Manama, the National Museum, the Grand Mosque, the Souk, Bahrain Fort, Bahrain Grand Prix, the Tree of Life and the Burial Mounds on the Perusing the Persian Gulf tour. Journey Coming from Oman, I arrived in Bahrain in the evening. The … Continue reading Bahrain in a Day

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Experience: Hotel Majestic Barrière, France

A review of the Hotel Majestic Barrière in Cannes, France on the trip Perusing the Persian Gulf. Highlights The place to see and be seen in Cannes. Impeccable traditional French cuisine in the signature Fouquet’s Cannes. Fine luxurious interiors and facilities. Private beach and jetty. Heated outdoor pool heated and a stunning spa. Background The … Continue reading Experience: Hotel Majestic Barrière, France

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Experience: Hilton Kuwait Resort, Kuwait City

A review of the Hilton Kuwait Resort in Kuwait City, Kuwait on the trip Perusing the Persian Gulf. Highlights Extensive private beach area. Excellent service for a large resort. Great selection of fine and casual dining. Stunning facilities for individuals and large groups. Revitalizing spa and fitness center. Background Hilton Kuwait Resort has created a … Continue reading Experience: Hilton Kuwait Resort, Kuwait City