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Experience: Panoramic View Hotel, Lalibela, Ethiopia

A review of the Panoramic View Hotel in Lalibela, Ethiopia the trip Horn of Africa Tour. Highlights Incredible valley views. Traditional and international cuisine. Ethiopian experiences. Onsite tour guides. Great service and staff. Background The Panoramic View Hotel is a relatively new hotel with some of the best views in Lalibela, a town some call … Continue reading Experience: Panoramic View Hotel, Lalibela, Ethiopia

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New Zealand in 10 Days

An itinerary of New Zealand in 10 days on the trip, Pacifying the Pacific. New Zealand has a reputation for having some of the most scenic landscapes in the world. It is also a great family destination and a perfect chance for me to share the experience with some loved ones. After careful research and … Continue reading New Zealand in 10 Days

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Pacifying the Pacific

Pacifying the Pacific: An island hopping tour covering 14 new countries! The pacific currently isn’t particularly in turmoil so it doesn’t need to be pacified, but my urge to travel there does. Thus the name of my new trip: Pacifying the Pacific (urge). I’m including East Timor which is technically Asia, but for its proximity … Continue reading Pacifying the Pacific


Circling Iceland

Trip planning and overview of the trip Circling Iceland where I take a weeklong road trip around country 136. Ah Iceland… The name evokes images of steaming hot springs among snowcapped mountains lit by an aurora borealis. With a unique natural environment combining lava fields, mountains, glaciers, and sea, Iceland has been high on my … Continue reading Circling Iceland

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Trip Plan: Carib Isles, Latin Miles

Planning an itinerary to visit Grenada, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dominica, Ecuador, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname, and Trinidad and Tobago. Spring has arrived and the time has come for me to hit the road. The year is quickly passing and I have countries to visit! I’m celebrating the warm weather with a trip to the … Continue reading Trip Plan: Carib Isles, Latin Miles

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The South of Africa Tour

A rough itinerary of The South of Africa Tour! To start off the new year I’m headed to the south of Africa on a trip that will cover 13 new countries bringing the country count to 119. I had booked a one way ticket, well in advance, to celebrate a great friends’ wedding in Cape … Continue reading The South of Africa Tour

Greater Eastern

The Greater Eastern

Planning and setting out on The Greater Eastern trip! With one country that I failed to visit on the Great Eastern Summer, I had to come back and check it off the list. Oh, Belarus. Country 104. The one country in Eastern Europe that I needed a visa for and even from the neighboring capitals, … Continue reading The Greater Eastern

Great Eastern Summer

The Great Eastern Summer

An itinerary and planning for “The Great Eastern Summer”, a trip of a lifetime, across three continents and over thirty countries. With three months open for travel my friend Bill and I were set to do some serious exploring. We would start in Africa, go on safari and climb Mount Kilimanjaro, then venture into the … Continue reading The Great Eastern Summer

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Grand Caribbean: Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti

Grand Caribbean: Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti Planning an itinerary through the largest islands of the Caribbean, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti. With summer quickly approaching, a quick one and a half week trip to the Caribbean seemed like the perfect start. A week ago, I purchased a multi city ticket arriving in … Continue reading Grand Caribbean: Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti