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Top Five Countries of 2016

It’s that time of the year again! A time to look back and reflect on our experiences. In 2016 I visited 21 new countries mostly in the Pacific and Central Asia. This is due to the fact that as I am reaching my last ten countries, they are becoming increasingly difficult to visit for various … Continue reading Top Five Countries of 2016


Palau Top Sights

Next stop on the Pacifying the Pacific Tour is Palau, country 177! With four days to explore the beautiful islands and Palau top sights, we had a packed schedule to see the highlights of this magnificent country. Koror Most visitors are based in Koror, the largest state and city. Koror also use to be the … Continue reading Palau Top Sights


Experience: Aliiibamou Resort Carolines

A review of Aliiibamou Resort Carolines from the trip Pacifying the Pacific. Highlights Stunning views from the top of the mountain. Quiet and private location away from the busy center. Comfortable cabins with modern amenities. Background Koror Palau has plenty of choices when it comes to accommodations, but very few have a location perched in … Continue reading Experience: Aliiibamou Resort Carolines


Experience: Palau Royal Resort

A review of Palau Royal Resort on the island of Palau from the trip Pacifying the Pacific. Highlights Stunning location with private beaches and dock. Modern design rooms. Spa and onsite departures for activities. Friendly and accommodating service. Background The Japanese managed Palau Royal Resort is set on a peninsula surrounded by white sandy beaches. … Continue reading Experience: Palau Royal Resort

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Pacifying the Pacific

Pacifying the Pacific: An island hopping tour covering 14 new countries! The pacific currently isn’t particularly in turmoil so it doesn’t need to be pacified, but my urge to travel there does. Thus the name of my new trip: Pacifying the Pacific (urge). I’m including East Timor which is technically Asia, but for its proximity … Continue reading Pacifying the Pacific