Wild Great Wall Near XiangShuiHu 响水湖

Village path to the wall
Last weekend I went on a little adventure to a lesser known section of the Great Wall near XiangShuiHu 响水湖. This section is closed to the public meaning it is somewhat dangerous and doesn’t have the tourist rabble to deal with. As this is a closed section and off the tourist radar, finding the section is a bit difficult.

Our company organized a retreat for the weekend which is how I was introduced to the location. I rode up with “Black Dynamite” my CJ750 with my friend also on a motorbike. The ride up was great after you get off the highway and wind through the hills.

You can stay in the village at many of the home stays that provide lodging and delicious home-cooked meals, which is exactly what we did.

The next day was misty due to the morning fog and the wall in the distance was slightly obscured. After a short hike you arrive at the base of the Great Wall which has a section removed for the village road. The steep climb up was slightly difficult at times due to loose gravel and pebbles. The view from the top was well worth it though.

For anyone that has already seen a section of the touristy wall, I highly recommend tracking down an unknown section to visit and explore. It’s a totally different experience well worth the effort.

To get there:
1. Head to Huairou’s Xiangshuihu park 怀柔响水湖.
2. Make the first left (north) before getting to the parking lot of the park.
3. Find parking and head up the village path to the wall.



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