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Top 5 Sights of Cyprus

The top 5 sights of Cyprus to see in two days from the trip The Great Eastern Summer.

Cyprus is an island state in the Mediterranean and a member of the EU. Civilization has been traced back all the way to the 10th millennium BC and since then the island has been occupied by many different cultures. In 1983 the northern part of the island was partitioned off as a self ruling Turkish entity, though the only country to recognize this is Turkey. The rest of the world considers the entire island to be ruled by the Republic of Cyprus. Today the island is a popular tourist attraction with an advanced economy and a high Human Development Index. Read more about Cyprus.

With a couple of days, you can visit the major sights of the island.

Here is the World-Adventurer pick for the top 5 sights of Cyprus.

5. Sanctuary of Aphrodite

Did you know that Aphrodite, the goddess of love, beauty and sexuality was ‘born’ in Cyprus? She floated to the shores on a scallop shell at Petra tou Romiou. At the sanctuary in Kouklia, don’t miss the worshipped rock of Aphrodite and the hilltop temple from 1500 BC.

4. Paphos Town

Paphos is the capital of the district and also where the second largest international airport is located. The Old Town is famous for its history and designated a UNESCO world heritage site. Take a walk along the harbor and enjoy the restaurants and shops. Don’t miss Paphos Castle, originally a Byzantine fort.

3. Tomb of Kings

The large necropolis north of Paphos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site containing the tombs of kings dating back to the 4th century BC. These tombs are distinctive as they are tediously carved right out of the rock base of the island.

2. Paphos Archaeological Park

Known as Kato Pafos archaeological site, this park is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site with finds ruins from the Roman era. Highlights include the beautiful mosaic floors of Roman villas, an amphitheater, the Agora, Saranta Kolones Fortress, and the “Limeniotissa” Ruins.

1. Kourion Ruins

My favorite sight of Cyprus lies in the UK controlled area near Limassol. The fantastic Roman ruins include a Nymphaeum, one of the largest in the world and a restored amphitheater with an impressive view over the coastline. The Cyprus EU presidency ceremony was held here in 2012.

Other highlights include a Roman agora, baths, palaestra (where gladiators trained), and a Christian basilica.

Also interesting to note, many artifacts of the ruins were sent to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, Stanford University and the Semitic Museum at Harvard University.

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What was your favorite experience in Cyprus?


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