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Central African Republic and Niger

This week on Wandering West Africa I arrive in the Central African Republic, visit the top sights of Bangui, fly to Niger with a layover in Casablanca and visit the top sights of Niamey. Central African Republic Arriving in the morning I was definitely a bit nervous. Bangui has been struggling with violence for years and … Continue reading Central African Republic and Niger

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Bamako in a Day

Visiting the top sights of Bamako in a day on my trip to Mali during Wandering West Africa. This city has recently gotten much negative press due to a terrorist raid on the Radisson Blu Bamako which claimed over twenty lives. I was in the city only a couple of weeks prior and was really … Continue reading Bamako in a Day

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The Congo, DRC and Angola

This week on Wandering West Africa, Another Night in Cameroon, Arriving in Congo, Angola Visa in Brazzaville Congo, Chad Visa in Brazzaville Congo, Sightseeing Brazzaville, Ferry from Congo to the DRC, Angola Visa in Kinshasa DRC, Flight from DRC to Angola and Sightseeing Luanda. This week has been hectic, exhausting, but overall a success. Another … Continue reading The Congo, DRC and Angola

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Harar The Walled City

Arriving in Ethiopia and visiting Harar via Dire Dawa on the Horn of Africa Tour. Flying in from Somaliland, we had an overnight in Addis Ababa at the RadissonBlu before our flight to Dire Dawa with Ethiopian Airlines. Dire Dawa is the second largest city in country and only a couple of hours away from … Continue reading Harar The Walled City

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Bahrain in a Day

Touring Bahrain in a day to see the top sights of the country including Manama, the National Museum, the Grand Mosque, the Souk, Bahrain Fort, Bahrain Grand Prix, the Tree of Life and the Burial Mounds on the Perusing the Persian Gulf tour. Journey Coming from Oman, I arrived in Bahrain in the evening. The … Continue reading Bahrain in a Day

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Experience: Holiday Inn Skopje, Macedonia

A review of the Holiday Inn Skopje in Macedonia on the trip The Great Eastern Summer. Highlights Central location in Skopje. Views of the river and Skopje Kale Fortress. On-site health and fitness center. Experience Holiday Inn Skopje is a 5-star hotel situated in the middle of the city. Recently renovated in 2012, the hotel … Continue reading Experience: Holiday Inn Skopje, Macedonia

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Why You Should Visit Lebanon Today

Visit Lebanon and its main attractions despite war raging in neighboring Syria with notes from my trip The Great Eastern Summer. Lebanon was once a famous country for tourism but struggled to rebuild its reputation after a long civil war that ended in 1990. Today it is plagued by the Syrian conflict to the east. … Continue reading Why You Should Visit Lebanon Today

Kampala City Traffic

Prostitutes and Torture Chambers in Kampala, Uganda

Continuing from Rwanda on the Africa segment of The Great Eastern Summer, we arrive in Kampala, Uganda where we encounter prostitutes, visit churches and mosques and explore the torture chambers of Idi Amin. On the following day we stop by Lake Victoria before leaving from Entebbe. After a depressing visit of Rwanda, Bill and I … Continue reading Prostitutes and Torture Chambers in Kampala, Uganda


Algiers and Tipaza, Algeria

Atlas North: A Tour through Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algeria A single day trip to Algeria, visiting the Tipaza Ruins and the capital Algiers with stops at Port de BouHaroun, Notre Dame d’Afrique, the Casbah, the Great Mosque of Algiers, the Ketchaoua Mosque, the Grand Post Office, Le Jardin d’Essai du Hamma, and the Monument … Continue reading Algiers and Tipaza, Algeria